Brain Tumor Nightmare

So I have always suffered migraines. But I had a toothache. I made a dental appointment. I went to work in the morning at kind of the wrong time. There was some lady in my classroom with my students. It was odd. I wasn’t feeling well. I called my family. They took me to the hospital. I waited for anMRI and other tests. They said I had to have brain surgery. I waited all day for surgery. I had a late night brain surgery. They took one giant tumor out. But one had to stay inside. I am doing radiation and chemo to kill the tumor. I don’t want to die. I’m only 55. I’m positive that they can kill it. The radiation is a burning white light. My head is bolted in a mask on a table. Each treatment is ten minutes. I’m taking a ton of meds. I exercise everyday and do my regular stuff. I have no memory loss. I feel good. Love, Tracy

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