notes/notation thus

Old white male musicians fall back position is blues-sexually passive-lazy-useless-she does all the work. Then it’s over. A pelvic thrust or two. Because hate Dave Matthews
“Crash Into You” offered something truly amazing-new ripe direction-a strange raw sexual vibe that made Matthews into a sex object. Then at the song the band referenced Ella Fitzgerald singing “a tisket and tasket a green and yellow basket.” This pointed to a girl becoming a woman, and women were able to have a whole new Matthews. It was raw and strange and different. The song still is a blaring stand-out in the Matthews Band discography. “Everybody Wake Up” from the Stand LP is a typical attempt at some kind of Americana influenced anthem. Unfortunately the song stays neutral. It can’t wake us up or subversively stir the listener out of listlessness. Eye liner
Eye brows
Brown slacks
Bag of L7 shirts
But didn’t get the right one with snoopy on it
Tom cruise doing stunts
Some other guy doing stunts
Sister mocking him
Taking all day to do the takes
Culture club
Interview. Band playing music during interview
One of the guys used to do the traffic
There was dog toys I the bag. Gave them to dog.
And small t-shirts. Have them to
Onion chapbook
Onion field
In and out onion
Smelling onions this morning
Onion poem by what’s her name

Mr. Salazar’s gold nova Start of something live. Next time.